There is a creative cliché that states we should always think “outside the box.” Bruno Misonne takes this expression very seriously :
Misonne’s musical style is challenging to label by any comparison. He even invented a genre he calls Aviation Music. His arrangements are best described as an avant-garde amalgam of classical, electronic and instrumental music. The music critic, Serge Kozlovsky, described Misonne's music as “A breath of fresh air on a journey to new unknown lands.” Others have called him Belgium’s most innovative composer.

Taking sequenced sound bites of air traffic control, and other sounds of aviation, Bruno added traditional instrumentation to a seamless blend of an aviation orchestra. The finished product was entitled Aviation Music which was released in 2007. It contained twelve tracks in a compilation that soared as high as the melodies.

Misonne’s musical evolution continues as he begins to compose musical scores for film. He always had interest and gleaned inspiration from the music in movies ;
For Bruno Misonne musical secrets and inspiration are hidden in movies, airplanes, rockets and even cemeteries! His creative boundaries have no limits. Where will his next idea come from? The only thing we know for sure is that they won’t come from inside any box. For this innovative Belgian is a rare artist - composing “outside the box” in the picturesque village of Bierges.
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